Beary Christmas feat. Belfast’s Best Bum 2013 Competition

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  1. Sheldon Loughlin says:

    Hi guys, thanks for a good night on Friday which I enjoyed – it was great meeting up with friends old and new. I wasn’t going to write this mail, but I think I should because I know of the effort that goes into organising these events.
    The ‘Best Bum in Belfast’ competition was won based on the audience cheers, applause etc., however the outcome of the audience vote was completely distorted. There were at least six persons around me who could not believe the outcome including one of the original competitors and, the term ‘Fix’ was used. These people left immediately after that result. The hard work that goes into organising this event could be ruined as the audience were aware that their cheering had been in vain as the judges/adjudicators obviously did not listen. This potentially could ruin the participant experience and prevent people taking part in events in the future.
    This is not a case of sour grapes because my partner did not win, but merely an observation of the night – and it was a good night.
    I thought it best to voice my concern rather than say nothing, as I hope that MOTN carries on and on.
    Thanks again.
    Sheldon Loughlin

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